This Web site was created to complement the Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt DNA Family Group Web site on (please note new URL for the Ancestry site). Because the site will be shut down in September 2014, we have migrated most of its content to this site. Click on the Family Group and other links in the right column to see the Files and Discussions from the MyFamily Pruett-Pruitt-Prewitt site. We are also creating a new Pruett-Pruitt-Prewitt Project site on the Family Tree DNA Web site. We will provide more information on that site in the near future.

All of our sites encompass all variations of the family name pronounced as "Prew-it".

Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt Origin

Marcia McClure, in a very insightful post on her Web site, says:

DNA evidence is disproving the long accepted origins of a number of Prewitt, Pruitt, Pruett families. Everyone does not descend from Thomas Prewitt 1616, who was not a Quaker in 1648 (there were no Quakers here in 1648) and who was not born in Salisbury (British examination of the original says that the parish record was misread) - both are common "Thomas notes" that recent research has disproven.
Our DNA research indicates there were several distinct family groups in Virginia in the late 1600s and early 1700s (see descriptions of those family groups below and links to more information about them in the right column of this Web site). One of those groups may be descended from Thomas Prewitt 1616, but at this time DNA evidence would indicate that no more than one of our existing groups can be descended from Thomas - and, due to the lack of available archival records, it's possible that none of our currently identified family groups are descended from Thomas.

By looking at the 1790, 1800, and 1810 census records (none of the three censuses cover all counties in all states at that time), we can infer that there were more than a hundred "Prew-it" families living in the United States around 1800. It's assumed that most of these families were descended from immigrants from Great Britain, particularly England, but there has not been a single verifiable connection made between an American Prew-it and an English Prew-it. More DNA testing will be needed to help us establish such links. For a listing of all the variations of the Prew-it surname, see Variants of the Pruett-Pruitt-Prewitt Family Name. For an interesting take on the migrations of some of our Prew-it families, see this discussion from our now defunct MyFamily Web site.

Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt DNA Family Groups

Click on the links to the right to see our specific Family Groups (as determined by research and DNA analysis). Under each group, there are links to family trees, descendancy charts and related Web sites. Below is a list of our Family Groups, the locations in which they lived and their currently verified Most Distant Ancestor(s):

Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt DNA Family Groups
DNA FamilyEarliest LocationsMost Distant Ancestor(s)
Group AVa. (Caroline, K&Q), Ky., N.C., Tenn.Archibald, Reuben, Joseph, Elijah
Group BVa., Al., Ga., Ky., N.C., Tenn.Solomon Sr., Francis Marion Pruett
Group CVa. (Henrico), N.C., S.C., Ga.Henry Prewitt, b. 1654
Group DVa. (Pittsylvania), N.C. (Wilkes)Joseph, Sr., 1722-1790
Group EVa. (Holston River), Al. (Madison), Ill.William, b. 1817, father of Martin
Group FMd. (Prince George's), Va. (Pittsylvania)Samuel Pruitt I, b. ~1700